Short transmission from the Timescanner concerning a letter to humanity found on the Moon. Written and produced by Richard R Penner. Music by Psychic Mold and Aliceffekt.

Transcript for Episode 1x10: THE M0O0N LETTER

The following is an annotated transcript of episode #1400657 of The Infinite Now. Originally broadcast from outside of space-time to Earth, June 30th 2015. Despite the recurring "accidents" that destroyed a majority of the intercepted Infinite Now recordings, this recording still survives. Listen to it here.

CRYSTAL: Incoming transmisson from The Timescanner

(Temporal static.)

CRYSTAL: Entertaining fellow Time Agents stationed in the field, working in secret to maintain the integrity of the spacetime continuum, braodcasting to you from Time Crystal Omega at the Heat Death of the Universe, here is your host The Timescanner and this is the Infinite Now

TIMESCANNER: THE M0O0N LETTER. Seven matching cipher stones each carved into 100 yard tall cubes of granite were uncovered one to a continent across the globe. With the combined knowledge of all of them we could finally look into any primitive telescope and we could translate the message cArved for us on the face of the moon.

Moon. M-O-O-N. The apparently natural satellite orbiting our Earth. Seemingly made of ordinary gray stone. The Moon carries messages meant for our civilization to unlock at certain moments in our development as a species.

Who carved these messages on the face of the moon you may ask?

THE M0O0N. M-0-O-0-N. That's what they called themselves. They were the first advanced civilization on Earth. Before us. Before the Leap Dayliens branched off from the Atlantians and hid themselves outside of time. There were the MOOON. The extra letter squeezed into the middle of the word to differentiate the name of their civilization from the object in the sky that they placed there to watch over us. Three O's together like visualizations of the3 moon's monthly evolution. Waxing, full, waning, just like each advanced civilization on our Earth before us has waxed in kNowledge and power, reached a zenith and then fell into ruin only to vanish to make way for the next cycle after them.

The Moon tells us the story of the M0O0N, Beginning with this first letter that we deciphered in 2147. Here is what THE M0O0N LETTER said about the M0O0N. Here is what the M0O0N said to us through the moon.


So, we're extinct now. How about that?! We did accomplish some astounding things with our time here. Surely you've seen what's left of our cities. Our freeways may have survived. The pyramids should still be there. The Great Temple of Antarctica, wow! That was a good one. You've seen our face carved into the sides of mountains and heard the sound of our crying babies as wind rushed through the record grooves of manmade canyons. As your technology for investigation into the past of this planet advances you'll find that we left Easter Eggs hidden for you in every nook and every cranny of this planet. Like vandals, we etched our genome and agenda into into every lasting material we could find. We left poetry waiting within the cells of life itself. Here's a hint: bacteria is a good place to start looking. Once it was clear that our days were numbered we did everything we could to leave a mark. Our story in a nutshell is this: We did some good and we did some bad and now we're gone. Some of our social structures turned out to be self-defeating. Some of our technologies turned out to be dangerous. But don't feel bad. The real reason that we didn't last was that we were all alone. We searched the world over and across the stars for signs of civilization. No dice. Seeing how others lived or died could have clued us in to the dead ends and catastrophes before we had committed to them. If we had seen just one message like this from another race we would have a simple "How To" manual. Or "What Not To Do" that could have steered us straight before we found ourselves too far down the wrong path. But we never found a word. Not a peep. So we had to improvise. There's a certain pride that comes along with being the Van Garde, the Experimenters. Being out ahead of the pack, but let's face it: nobody gets these things right the first time around.

We've left these notes for you everywhere. Simple heiroglyphic assembly instructions for useful technologies like solar power, geothermal. And warning labels on the ones to avoid. Nuclear fission, I'm looking at you. We've left you ittle nuggets of philosophical literary wisdom everywhere in this great big ball that we're living on. Eagerly awaiting each little step. Like a lover's rose petals leading to the bedroom on each aniversary. Or more accurately, like letters to a newborn son whose mother knows that she will be in the ground before her child can form memories of her face. Every scientific and evolutionary step we will be watching from beyond our grave, cheering you on and wishing you the best.

We're dead and you're going strong. Good job, kiddo!

Love, THE M0O0N.

PS: We've left cloning kits and mummified remains with intact strands of our DNA. We've preserved our genetic material in novel ways just about everywhere you look. Bring us back if you want to or discard it. We'll eave it up to you whether the M0O0N still have a place on the Earth. It's your home now. These sort of packages are more for you than they are for us. Just in case you get there and find yourselves as lonely as we found ourselves. Just in case you find yourselves as lonely as the M0O0N.


CRYSTAL: This has been and will always be The Infinite Now

(Temporal static.)

CRYSTAL: Transmission complete.