Short transmission from the Timescanner concerning the coming war and the point at which humankind divides. Written and produced by Richard R Penner. Music by Psychic Mold and Aliceffekt.


Transcript for 1x09 THE DIVIDE

Annotated transcript for The Infinite Now episode #1398832 THE DIVIDE originally broadcast March 20, 2016. Recording survives. Listen here.

TIMESCANNER: The aging gene can be turned off. Custom replacement organs that are grown from your own cells and cannot be rejected after transplanted can be grown in the laboratory. We are decades away from immortality.

But immortality will not come cheap so this technology will only be accessible to the wealthy. It will be debated if hording a cure for death is the same as genocide, but soon it won't matter.

The rich will tweak their genes, live to be thousands of years old. When choosing a mate, they will choose other immortals. Their differences from human will multiply until they are altogether different and genetically incompatible.

Class warfare will become speciation. The rich (homo plutus) will protect their evolutionary niche from the rival species with blatant genocide. Among the poor (homo sapien) there will be massive outbreaks of epidemics to which homo plutus find themselves immune.

A hundred thousand years ago, humans lived alongside Neanderthals. But not for long. In direct competition, one species will win and the other will die. In the coming war, the homo sapien still have the advantage in numbers, the homo plutus will have advantage in technology and resources. It is unclear who will win their place on this Earth, but it is clear that the lines in the sand are being drawn right now. We may be the last American generation with the option of upward mobility. We are the last with the freedom to choose sides in the coming war.

Place your bets. If you wish to switch sides, now may be a good time to start pinching those pennies and investing wisely.

Contrariwise, if you side with the humans, now may be a good time to stand your ground.

(screaming, laser fire, the sounds of the Great Class War of the 21st Century. Voices rising up against the chaos to declare their allegiance to the human race.)

(temporal static)

TIME CRYSTAL INTERFACE: Transmission complete.