Short transmission from the Timescanner concerning the secret origin of keys and your Time Agent assignment for this week. Written and produced by Richard R Penner. Music by Psychic Mold.

Transcript for 1x08 THE SECRET ORIGIN OF KEYS

Annotated transcript of The Infinite Now episode #1102958 THE SECRET ORIGIN OF KEYS originally broadcast to Earth, March 7, 2016. This recording survives. Listen here.

TIME CRYSTAL INTERFACE: Incoming transmission from the Timescanner.

(temporal static.)

TIMESCANNER: Keys. Keys predated locks. This is an odd fact.

The T-Rex awarded to the Triceratops the key to the city on account of his valor and bravery. The key didn't unlock anything. It was just a big dumb symbol for a big dumb lizard.

Human lock makers made clever use of the symbol.

Sometimes we still hand out useless, dinosaur-sized keys to useful people.

Your assignment for today: render a useless symbol tangible and fashion a very practical purpose for it.

(temporal static.)

TIME CRYSTAL INTERFACE: Transmission Complete