Short transmission from the Timescanner concerning alternate the economic structures of alternate timelines and how they effect your Aunt Beth. Written and produced by Richard R Penner. Music by Psychic Mold.


Transcript for 1x02 YOUR AUNT BETH

Annotated transcript of episode #997465 of The Infinite Now: YOUR AUNT BETH. Originally broadcast from outside of space-time to Earth, January 25, 2016. This recording survives. Listen to it here.

TIMESCANNER: There is an alternate universe where hyperinflation has rendered the US dollar worthless, but he demand for limited edition Beanie Babies has continued to rise since the mid 90's. Instead of wallets, people carry around backpacks filled with plush animal friends to barter with.

Every transaction is a sentimental goodbye.

In this universe your Aunt Beth is living like Jay-Fucking-Z.

(temporal static.)

THE TIME CRYSTAL INTERFACE: Transmission complete.